It has been revealed that 55% of men believe that ‘the more revealing the clothes a woman wears, the more likely it is that she will be harassed or assaulted’. Over the last twenty years, other studies in the United States and elsewhere have found that psychiatrists, judges, jurors, and college students believe that a woman wearing a revealing outfit is more likely to be attacked or sexually harassed than a modestly dressed woman, and if attacked, that she is partially responsible for her assault, and her attacker is less culpable.

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There is incredibly dangerous rhetoric when it comes down to discussing victims of sexual assault and what they were wearing, often with the indication that outfit choice equals consent. To the questions of whether men assumed that women dressed in sexy clothing were trying to arouse them or elicit sexual advances from them, 30.6% and 20.2% respectively stated that those were uniformly the intentions, in their opinion. An additional 53.2% and 55.6% thought those were the intentions most of the time.

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This International
Women’s Day
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we are committed to stamping out the stigma that what you wear gives someone else the right to your body. We will be launching an anti-rape campaign in partnership with women’s sexual violence charities, The Survivors Trust, Its On Us, End Rape On Campus and En Avant Toutes, offering a slogan tote bag and a selected range of dresses to spread the message with 100% of profits going to our partner charities. Society must do better. #MyDressDoesntMeanYes

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How can you help?


We’ve put together a list of incredible charities that you can reach out to directly to offer help, or if you are in need of help. If someone you know is in danger, you can contact the police and reach out to the professionals at these charities.

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Support the cause

As part of our campaign, we are selling these tote bags to spread the message far and wide. All profits will be donated to our partner charities The Survivors Trust, Its On Us, End Rape On Campus and En Avant Toutes.

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International Womens Day

Speak out

It’s time we confront those we see or hear doing wrong. It’s time to take our stand. If you know someone is acting inappropriately, confront them, but only if it is safe to do so. By spreading awareness and confronting the issue, we will take back control. We are strong and we are resilient, we can do this.

Reppin’ the cause

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Reclaim your right to your outfit

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