Did you know you can do your bit to prevent the unnecessary pile up of discarded clothing in landfills around the UK? Introducing reGAIN, the app that allows you to turn your unwanted clothes into discounts to get cash off your next PrettyLittleThing purchase.


  • Around 50 trailers of clothing go to UK landfill every day.
  • In landfill it can take up to 50 years for some garments to decompose.


Regain 1

First things first, download the reGAIN app.

Regain 2

Package up any old clothes, shoes and accessories you’re not feeling anymore (we’re talking unwanted garms from your entire hoard here - not just PrettyLittleThing).

Regain 3

Donate your package at the Charity shop or ship it from over 25,000 drop off points across the UK. You can also arrange for home pickup at a time that’s suited to you so donating is super easy.

Regain 4

Once a package is donated, the reGAIN app will reward you with discounts for new clothes, footwear, homeware goods or travel so you can shop for less.

With your donations, reGAIN will help raise funds for charitable causes with 100% funds from clothing resale donated to charity. Any old clothes or textiles that are no longer usable, reGAIN can raise money through textiles recycling.

With the reGAIN app, you can refresh your wardrobe, do your bit for charity and be a little greener for the planet.

Ready to do your bit? Hit download on the reGAIN app now.

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