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Tanning Accessories

Get that all-year-round deep, dewy glow with our selection of the essential tanning accessories you need to ensure you get the perfect natural or applied tan. Give your skin a boost whilst catching those rays with glow-enhancing elixirs from iconic tanning brands such as The Fox Tan. Choose from self-tanning mouses, oil or foam and apply evenly with a tanning mitt - depending on your tan prep time. Or why not try one of our tanning primers to build a sun-kissed glow all year long? Opt for a spray tan primer for a quick and efficient application for the girl on the go. Don’t forget to add a layer or two to get that darker complexion. Add a fake tan mitt to the bag for a fuss-free self-tan application before that big night out each and every time. Or take it all off and go back to basics with our edit of the best tan removal and face tan remover. Whatever look you're going for, tanning accessories are essential for giving you the ultimate finish.

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