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Cocoa Brown

Cocoa Brown Tan has gained cult beauty status since its launch in 2012, rocking the tanning market by receiving nothing but rave reviews and winning multiple industry awards. Stocked in 25,000 stores in over 23 countries, Cocoa Brown is internationally acclaimed from the pages of Teen Vogue to the red carpet at The Oscars. So, why do people love Cocoa Brown Tan so much? Firstly, it leaves you with a beautiful cocoa brown shade of tan that dries in seconds and begins to develop in as little as an hour, yet lasts for up to seven days. Secondly, you can get that golden glow with no fake tan odour, thanks to the floral Tahitian Gardenia fragrance. Best of all though, it’s seriously kind – it isn’t tested on animals and it’s vegan as well as natural, with vegetable derived DHA and no parabens. What are you waiting for? Shop the range of Cocoa Brown Tan products here and get that glow in no time.