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Influencers showcase the luxury life - when it comes to fashion, trends and style, they're the first ones to be flaunting it. That's why there's no shock that the influencer market is set to grow by £7.7 billion in 2020 alone. If you haven't already thought about what you need to do to become an influencer, our report gives you the 411 on how to kick start a career in the field.

The PLT Influencer Report highlights stats from the industry, shares insights from some of the leading influencers currently on the scene and even spills some tips and tricks on how to get into the influencer profession.

We’ve surveyed Brits across the UK to find out which city has the highest number of people who consider themselves as influencers. The results show that 1 in 10 (11%) Brits aged 16+ would like to have the job of a social media influencer, that totals nearly 6 million Brits.

The desire to be an INFLUENCER

We’ve surveyed people from around the UK in order to find out how many people would like to be an influencer.

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 11% of Brits would like to be a social media influencer.


According to our survey results, 1 in 10 people consider themselves an influencer. So, which cities have the highest percent of people that consider themselves as social media influencers?

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Map of Influencer hubs in the UK

We know you're all just as obsessed with star signs as we are - the report shows that Taurus star signs are dreaming of being the next Molly-Mae the most.

Location is important when it comes to creating beautiful and engaging content, you need to be attending the hottest events of the year and exploring the most instagrammable locations all around the UK for those all-important social snaps.

So where are the most influencers in the UK?

The UK’s capital takes the crown with 1 in 10 (11.3%) people from London considering themselves as social media influencers, which is no surprise as they have access to the top landmarks and city sights.

Coming in second place is Cardiff with 10.3% and of course we can’t overlook that Manchester is in the top 3, the home of PrettyLittleThing HQ.

Being an influencer is #goals and it's no shock that over the years interest in how to become an influencer has grown dramatically. We took a look at Google Trends data over the last 10 years to reveal just how much the interest to become an influencer has built up.


We’ve taken a look at worldwide Google Trends data over the past 10 years to find out the interest in the term “how to become an influencer”.

Hover over the unicorns below to see some key moments that may have impacted the search trends.

Tap on the unicorns below to see some key moments that may have impacted the search trends.

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Graph showing how to become an influencer. Google trends data.

From our findings we can see that certain events have spiked people's interest in becoming an influencer. Notably, the first spike we saw was around the time that the Love Island 2019 winners were announced, a great opportunity for those involved in the show to start their career in influencing. The second big spike took place during London, Milan, and Paris fashion weeks - those fashionistas must have inspired a few of you! The latest spike we saw was around the time of our very own PrettyLittleThing Influencer Awards.

For those looking to start a career as an influencer, content is everything, but which categories on Instagram are the most popular when it comes to content creation?

We’ve analysed hashtags from the 19 influencer categories on Instagram to showcase the most popular category in the influencer game.

Popular influencer categories

Which categories on Instagram are the most popular? We’ve analysed the number of hashtags under the 19 influencer categories on Instagram in order to find out which is the most popular.

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Unsurprisingly, fashion is top of the list and also the most saturated topic out there with 805 million hashtags. Photography comes in second place with 573 million hashtags. Both beauty and makeup are in the top 10 popular categories - beauty has 379 million hashtags and makeup has 282 million.

With social media spreading far and wide and influencers taking the limelight all over the globe, popularity can vary in different countries. This list highlights the most popular person in each country.

We also looked at some influencers who have made a successful career from social media. So if you want to find out who claimed fame through starting out on social media, take a look at the top 8 influencers who have the most followers below and see who inspires your passion and drive for influencing.

Popular influencers Around The World

Have you ever wondered who is the most popular person on Instagram in countries around the world? Take a look at the table below to find out who is the most followed person in your country.

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Country list

SUccessful INstagram influencers

We’ve combined seedlists of influencers who have started their career from social media and ranked them based on the number of followers they have.

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List of profiles on instagram

Dubbed 'the nicest guy in Hollywood', The Rock is a legend on screens of all sizes, whether it's his latest box office hit or his newest Instagram post. His fans love him, particularly the Brits and that's why his biggest follower base is from the UK. Dwayne’s content consists of the cutest daddy-daughter selfies, some beast mode workouts, and a shameless plug of his premium tequila brand, Teremana Blanco.

Okay, so you’ve read the stats, but what about advice from the dolls themselves? We’ve spoken to our Head of PR at PLT, Amy Simon, and also some of our very own talented influencers to get the lowdown on how to make a fire Insta-feed.

Hollie Burgess, Ashley Kehoe, Brooke Lynette, Yvonne Victoria, Stephanie Sonuga and Sonny Turner have all had great success through influencing on social media, so take a read of their top tips below that could help you start your own influencer journey.

Tips from PrettyLittleThing influencers

We asked six of our amazing influencers and our Head of PR to share some of their top tips on how to develop a career as an influencer.

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Top tip

“Establish a niche for yourself and your brand, this way you’ll be able to reach an audience that enjoys the content you post and will continue to follow your journey.”

Amy Simon

Head of PR @ PrettyLittleThing

So if you’re looking to start a career as an influencer, this report gives the ultimate insight into what goes on behind the scenes.