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The Rosie Campbell Edit

We’ve been working closely with our girl Rosie Campbell on a very special edit. @queenierqc was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease at just thirteen years old – a condition which causes inflammation of the digestive system. Rosie was eventually fitted with a stoma bag and after a tough journey and battling with her own self-confidence, she is now an inspiration to all and feels stronger and happier than she has ever been. When Rosie posted an Instagram picture that went viral wearing a PLT bikini and looking incredible, we realised that there were so many other females experiencing similar body confidence issues. So, together with Rosie, we’ve created this edit to show girls that they can wear our swimwear and feel empowered, comfortable and beautiful in their own bodies, no matter what the case. Rosie’s edit is a selection of comfortable but super stylish swimsuits and bikinis that’ll have you turning heads for all the right reasons, ‘cos everyone deserves to feel like a queen #everyBODYinPLT.

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'being able to

walk down the

beach in a bikini

or swimsuit and

feel attractive and

comfortable was

all i have ever


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'feel more comfortable in your own skin'

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