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The Post-Lockdown Glow Up

As the lockdown measures relax, it’s safe to say there’s light at the end of the tunnel and we can at least get our wardrobe in order while we wait on the rest of our life catching up. Get ready to make your debut back into real life, as we once knew it, with the post lockdown looks you need. From what to wear to a beer garden, after the long-awaited announcement of the pubs reopening, to what to wear to dinner and drinks with the besties and every social distanced event in between. It’s time to start searching for those next level outfits that’ll do your quarantine glow up justice. Here’s to dressing for whatever the rest of 2020 has in store for you. Hey, whatever it is at least you’ll be well-dressed, right?

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Family Gathering

Is your auntie’s birthday coming up? Did you fave cousin get engaged in lockdown? Whatever the reason, there’s a family celebration on the cards and the get together is seriously overdue. When it comes to what to wear, your go-to “jeans and a nice top” outfit will more than suffice. The perfect outfit ingredients to ensure you feel comfortable and effortlessly put together.

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The Squad Reunion

It’s safe to say the first squad drinks with your best girls after lockdown ends is going to go OFF. Such a big night on the cards means an absolutely killer outfit is needed. To nail post-lockdown dressing here, we’re thinking anything barely-there to how off your glow up you’ve been working on, or a fuss-free co-ord you can throw on and instantly look unreal. Everything you need for the perfect going out look for the big reunion with the girls.

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Date Night

If you’ve been previously in lockdown with your significant other, engaging in constant Netflix and chills in your pj’s, date night is about to become a welcome break for you and an excuse to dress up and look your best for each other. Opt for power dressing in sleek silhouettes that pack a serious punch and that’ll have more than just your beau’s eyes on you when it comes to the next date night. Damn, girl. When your significant other sees you in this they are not gonna know what’s hit ’em

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Beer Garden

A beer garden outing for your debut back into the more social aspect of society calls for a go-to outfit to solve all of those “I don’t know what to wear” dilemmas. Cue the perfect beer garden outfit; none other than the summer version of “jeans and a nice top”. The easy way to look effortlessly cool and like you didn’t need to try too hard to look this good.

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Street Party

When it comes to OTT celebrations that are all about that community spirit, there’s no doubt going to be plenty of street parties on the horizon post lockdown. Bring some colour to the streets with this season’s standout trend; tie dye in a ‘fit that’s fun, playful and cute. The ultimate look to celebrate and count your blessings in with your nearest and dearest and neighbours alike.